Diddly Squat: ‘Til The Cows Come Home


“Diddly Squat” is a highly entertaining and humorous book written by the renowned British television presenter, Jeremy Clarkson. In this book, Clarkson takes us on a riveting journey as he shares his personal experiences of running his own farm called “Diddly Squat” in the English countryside.

With his trademark wit and sarcasm, Clarkson recounts the challenges he faced as a novice farmer and the humorous mishaps that occurred along the way. From dealing with disobedient animals to battling unpredictable weather, he hilariously illustrates the realities of rural life.

As Clarkson takes readers through his various farming adventures, he also reflects on the importance of sustainable farming practices and the impact of modern agriculture on the environment. Through his unique blend of satire and insight, he offers a thought-provoking critique of the agricultural industry.

While “Diddly Squat” is undoubtedly a lighthearted and entertaining read, Clarkson also manages to shed light on the wider issues surrounding food production and the significance of reconnecting with the land. This book will not only leave readers in stitches but also encourage them to contemplate the future of farming and our relationship with the natural world.

Overall, “Diddly Squat” is a delightful and engaging memoir that combines Clarkson’s irreverent humor with thought-provoking ideas, making it a must-read for fans of his work and anyone interested in the agricultural world.


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